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How university website redesigns go wrong (and how to get it right)

Don't let poor design reduce online performance

Admit it.  You've seen some university/college website redesigns and thought 'what were they thinking?'. And while design style and preference is truly subjective, website performance is not.   

Your website needs to drive results e.g. increase conversion and improve engagement with students. Design plays a much bigger part in this process than often given credit, so why is it not given the attention it warrants or deserves. 

This webinar outlines 5 things you can do (and should do) to make your redesign impactful, end-user and results focused. 


  • The practical considerations.  Things to avoid to stop your website turning prospective students away (e.g. poor optimization, asset management, stacking etc.)
  • The biggest crimes: where imagery goes wrong. The rise of generic university websites. 
  • Planning & Testing: Avoid group think and personal bias.  Using qualitative research to inform your university website design decisions. 
  • Designing for performance and measurement. 
  • Our picks of some of the best university websites in the world 

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