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TERMINALFOUR platform chosen by Central Wyoming College to increase online student recruitment and engagement

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TERMINALFOUR announced today that Central Wyoming College has chosen its platform to both increase leads captured online and online student engagement.

- College aims to increase online student engagement by 15% in 6 months
- Chooses TERMINALFOUR platform to deliver complete overhaul of online brand
- Platform allows Central Wyoming College to measure and manage student engagement online

Boston, 13 May 2015 - TERMINALFOUR, the digital engagement and web content management platform for higher education, announced today that Central Wyoming College has chosen its platform to both increase leads captured online and increase student engagement across social media channels by 15 percent in a six month period. TERMINALFOUR’s platform allows CWC to completely manage and measure their online brand strategy.

CWC operates with a number of campuses and outreach centers; provides online courses and is well known for nursing and healthcare programs. CWC has now launched a web strategy to transform and reinvigorate its online environment, from a public information and utility resource to a marketing and recruitment platform.

The transformation has brought challenges such as trying to satisfy the information demands of a diverse audience, unifying brand identity, creating a personalized online visitor experience and driving engagement and lead generation online. In order to overhaul online student recruitment and engagement strategy, CWC has set a number of metrics for 2015 to focus activity and quantify return on investment. These include a 20 percent increase in page views; a ten percent increase in multiple, active site visits and an increase of pages visited and time spent online in six months. CWC chose TERMINALFOUR’s platform to achieve their objectives and provide digital engagement and web content management solution.

“We want to transform our brand and unify our identity across online and offline marketing platforms. We want our online brand to reflect the essence of the college and to make our website an online hub for students and for alumni. We want website users to have a platform to contribute to and to provide visitors with information that they value, and overall, to elevate the entire online student experience,” said Lori Ridgway, director of marketing and public relations at CWC.

“From an institutional and business perspective, it’s important that we make the big shift from an information source to a marketing and engagement platform. We want to see return on investment and, therefore, we expect more activity online and ultimately higher conversion rates,” Ridgway said.

“We have set out ambitious targets so we needed to seek out the best partner to accomplish these,” Ridgway said, “TERMINALFOUR blew us away with their product and higher education experience, but also with their frankness and genuine interest in helping us achieve what we’ve set out to achieve. We’re so excited about this partnership and can’t wait to realize our online vision.”

Mike Taylor, vice president of Global Sales at TERMINALFOUR said, “It’s a genuine joy to start working with Central Wyoming College; they really have a vision for their online brand and for what they can achieve; it’s refreshing. Central Wyoming College know exactly what they want from their website, they know the metrics that mean something and they’ve put the right plan in place to make success a reality. We’re looking forward to a long and rewarding partnership.”