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TERMINALFOUR helps unify Virginia Commonwealth University's online brand across 573 websites

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TERMINALFOUR is delivering a fully integrated digital engagement and web content management platform to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to unify its online brand across 573 unique websites. This is part of the university's strategic development plans to increase student recruitment, retention and funding.

VCU's ability to embrace digital change is critical to ensuring an engaged community and alumni base. It currently has 31,288 enrolled students and 171,768 alumni, representing 110 countries. It is also among the top 50 public research universities in the US and has $248 million in sponsored research.  Virginia Commonwealth University has 31,288 enrolled students and 171,768 alumni, representing 110 countries.  The university is among the top 50 public research universities in the US

Creating a dynamic and informative web presence has become essential for VCU in its efforts to recruit and retain top quality students, secure grants and alumni donations, and attract international collaboration partners. To support these objectives and to create a cohesive and consistent representation of the VCU brand, the university sought to consolidate its entire presence onto one platform. TERMINALFOUR was chosen to provide its digital engagement and web content management platform – TERMINALFOUR Site Manager.

VCU has designed and is implementing a new web strategy that fully aligns with its broader university development plan, ‘Quest for Distinction'. This is a framework for maximizing the VCU experience for all its stakeholders, such as a commitment to educational quality, an environment that embraces diversity and an evolving research program.

TERMINALFOUR is a key enabler of the new web strategy, optimizing the university's entire online presence. Using TERMINALFOUR Site Manager, VCU will be able to ensure a consistent use of all the University's online brand materials including logos, images and page layouts. It'll allow for greater flexible and delivery of dynamic content by its hundreds of departmental content owners while adhering to the wider social media, content, email marketing and SEO strategies.

VCU has already begun the process of transitioning its 573 websites, representing 13 schools and 222 degree and post master's certificate programs, to the TERMINALFOUR platform.

Piero Tintori, CEO, TERMINALFOUR said, "VCU has a vast amount of online real-estate coupled with a very strong vision for its future direction. To really ensure that both these crucial elements are harmonized, it needed to review its global web strategy and the starting point was getting all its websites under control. It was about putting a plan in place that capitalized on all the positives of its current web approach and eliminate the shortcomings".

"VCU has risen to the challenge and is well on its way to migrating all its websites onto our platform. In addition to supporting the universities recruitment and retention goals, it has also reduced wasteful website maintenance spend, eliminated inconsistent design and streamlined its entire content process. We're really looking forward to working with them as they continue on this journey", Tintori concluded.

Victoria Mallonee, CMS lead at VCU commented, "TERMINALFOUR provided both the technology and the experience we needed to confidently progress our web strategy and improve our online communications. We see them as partners in this process and working with them, and also the global TERMINALFOUR community of universities, puts us on a strong footing to compete on the international higher education stage. We're incredibly excited about the future and a long relationship with TERMINALFOUR".