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TERMINALFOUR Data Security Statement - Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

News Article Date: January 2018

January 5th 2018

As you no doubt are aware at this stage, two hardware flaws in the physical architecture of modern CPU chips have been recently publicized. These vulnerabilities are being commonly referred to as Meltdown (almost exclusively affecting Intel chips) and Spectre (affecting nearly all chips). Since these vulnerabilities result from a physical property of the processor hardware itself, operating system patches at the lowest (kernel) level are required to mitigate the security impact of these issues on current hardware. They can only be truly ‘fixed’ in a future redesign of processors.  

Data Security Impact

TERMINALFOUR became aware of the vulnerabilities earlier this week and have been monitoring the vendor response whilst risk assessing the impact on our infrastructure. While no known exploit of this vulnerability has been reported, we treat all such security incidents with the utmost seriousness and have been proactively working towards patching our infrastructure to mitigate the threat. TERMINALFOUR deploys best of breed perimeter and host based controls to protect your data and implements a risk based continuous assessment process in order to verify and improve these controls. As is always the case, we have risk-assessed these existing controls in the context of this new threat and are confident that they provide sufficient mitigation against any actor attempting to exploit this vulnerability.

Performance impact

It has been widely reported that due to the nature of this vulnerability any mitigation could have a performance impact ranging from 5% to 30%. Unfortunately this is an inherent problem with how the CPU architecture design and is beyond the control of TERMINALFOUR. We are, as always, proactively monitoring our infrastructure but should you notice any performance impact please let us know and we can investigate any specific cases.

Response and Mitigation

Kernel patches for the Intel Meltdown vulnerability have been released by CentOS/Red Hat and Microsoft and have been applied to our hosted infrastructure. In order to activate these patches and verify that they have been activated a reboot of all affected instances will be required. Our hosting team will be perform the necessary restarts, where appropriate and where service availability is not impacted. Priority will be given to more exposed, internet facing, services such as web servers. Where redundancy exists in the service architecture our engineers will proceed as is prudent and there should be no loss of service to you or your customers. Where any maintenance could result in a loss of service, these restarts will be scheduled in consultation with our customers.

Should you have any requirement for further information or wish to discuss any aspect of this issue with TERMINALFOUR, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Support team through the usual channels.


2017 Higher Education Digital Marketing & Web Survey, Submissions Close Jul 28th

News Article Date: July 2017

Submissions are closing for this Friday, July 28th, for the 2017 Higher Education Digital Marketing & Web Survey (our 4th Annual Survey). 

The annual report represents the insights, views and realities of more than 300+ marketing, web, recruitment and leadership professionals from 180+ higher education institutions from around the world.

There’s still a few days to participate in the survey and receive your FREE copy of the survey report.

GET INVOLVED while there's time. 


We're sponsoring IWMW 2017

News Article Date: July 2017

TERMINALFOUR is once again proud to sponsor the UK's leading higher education web management community event  IWMW.  This year's event, IWMW 2017, will be held at the University of Kent. 

TERMINALFOUR has been involved with IWMW for more than a decade and it's one of the highlights of our calendar for the year.  We're excited to catch-up with so many of our UK clients and lots of old friends. 

Our CEO and founder, Piero Tintori, will once again be delivering a session on Thursday, July 13th: '5 Conversion Techniques that Higher Education can learn from eCommerce'. 

Have a great event everyone. 

We've launched our 2017 Annual Higher Education Web Survey

News Article Date: June 2017

Now in its 4th year, TERMINALFOUR's Annual Higher Education Digital Marketing & Web Survey has been officially launched.

The survey is designed to give a snapshot into the global marketing, recruitment and IT trends occurring within higher education institutions at a particular moment in time. If you work in a marketing, web, recruitment or leadership capacity in higher education please take a couple of minutes to get involved. The report will be shared with all participants of the survey. 

With the impact and ramifications of Brexit, Trump continuing to be felt throughout the global higher education space this year's survey seeks to understand serval core themes:

  • Web & Marketing team structure and strategy (and budget)
  • Key performance metrics
  • Recruitment challenges and visa implications
  • Approaches and perceptions to personalization and accessibility 
  • Social media impact and priorities

Have your say here



News Article Date: March 2017

GOAL is an international aid agency operational in 17 countries, delivering a wide range of humanitarian and development programmes across emergency response, health, child protection and livelihoods. This includes Syria, GOAL’s largest programme, where they have been operational since 2012.

Thanks to the publics support, GOAL can continue to provide for almost 1 million people in Syria whose lives have been devastated by the ongoing conflict in their country, in January alone, GOAL distributed food kits and vouchers to 24,840 households.

While the crisis there continues, GOAL is responding to hidden emergencies in different parts of the world. Ethiopia, for example, is only now beginning to recover from one of the worst droughts in decades, while we continue to deliver aid to tens of thousands of South Sudanese people who have been affected by the ongoing war in their own country.

For more information on GOAL’s work, visit 


Webinar: Selecting a Digital Agency for Web Redesign

News Article Date: February 2017

Picking the RIGHT partner for your institution. 

Like a lot of things in life, the selection of a Digital Agency to help spearhead your digital transformation project is all down to one thing – The Right Fit.  Does their vision match yours? Are they results and conversion focused? Are they ambitious and visionary; knowledgeable and skilled (both in design and also technology/coding)?  Can you work with them? Do you like them, trust them?  This is often the difference between success (in the long-term) and buyer’s remorse.

See more details about this webinar. 

Registrations are Open for tForum 2017

News Article Date: February 2017

Registrations are open for our annual North American user conference, tForum 2017 in Boston, April 27-28th. Join us and other members of the TERMINALFOUR user community for two days of presentations, demos and of course the opportunity to share stories, strategies, experiences and insights from your higher education web, IT and marketing counterparts from institutions throughout the United States and Canada.

We're also hosting shared training (Wed Developer, Advanced Web Developer, Programmable Layouts, API Developer) in Boston April 25-26th.


News Article Date: February 2017

TERMINALFOUR is hosting a one-day user meet-up for TERMINALFOUR users in London on Thursday the 6th of April. This is the continuation of a series of facilitated meet-ups in cities through Ireland and the UK. They’ll be smaller, more focused and less driven by presentations (than t44u); instead the day will be more centred on practical demonstrations, product think-tanks and solution planning.

We look forward to seeing you in London.

TERMINALFOUR proudly announces its sponsorship of CASE III & CASE VIII

News Article Date: January 2015

TERMINALFOUR is once again a proud sponsor of the CASE III and Case VIII conferences. Our team will be on site at both events and we're looking forward to meeting as many of our clients as possible so do drop by our stand to say hello! 

The CASE events provide a unique opportunity for members of the higher education community to gather, discover the latest best-practice approaches and be inspired by thought leaders. 

This year CASE VIII is being held in Seattle Feb 4-6 and CASE III will be held in Orlando Feb 15-18.

We're looking forward to seeing all our US clients there.