Greater Marketing Performance

Linking the Student Digital Journey from
Front-end to Back-end Systems

Connecting the Dots for Greater Online Results

All to often University & College websites/digitial marketing channels are standalone to the back office operation or recruitment function.  

But they don't need to be. What if you could connect these channels to your 'back office' systems?

What if you could increase online conversion, improve user experience and enhance competitiveness simply by connecting your CMS, CRM and Student Information Systems?  

In this webinar we looked at some of the major benefits to joining the dots between your enterprise and marketing systems and your online channels (websites, social etc.).

We explored how you maximize your IT investment and utilize all the valuable information across your systems to deliver a personalized and engaging user experience.


  • Bridging the gap between Student Information Systems, CRM and Marketing Content
  • How can system integration help you drive conversion?
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • Practical tips, case-study examples
  • Proven techniques linking with CRM systems such as Ellucian Recruit CRM, Hobsons & TargetX and Student Information Systems such as Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague, Tribal SITS, Peoplesoft & Workday

Watch the webinar