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2018 Higher Education Digital Marketing and Web Survey

Complete the survey now (2-3 minutes)

Last October we launched our 4th Higher Education digital marketing & web survey and today we are launching its 2018 counterpart. The survey was designed to give a snapshot into the global marketing and digital trends occurring within higher education institutions at a particular moment in time. We wanted to see what the common global trends were, who the thought leaders were and where there was room for improvement.

  • How do you compare to your peers?
  • Are other universities funding or resourcing their web and digital marketing teams more than your institution?
  • What social platforms and student recruitment tactics are working or not working?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing other teams?

The questions are pretty straightforward and the survey only take a few moments to complete so if you work in a web, content, marketing or senior management position in higher education then we would appreciate your participation. If I haven’t managed to convince you to partake thus far, there is also the matter of ten $/£/€ 100 Amazon vouchers that we are giving away to consider. Go on, you’re worth it.

Complete the survey now (2-3 minutes)

Here are some of the highlights from the last 3 years (a copy of last year's survey report can be downloaded here):

2017 Report Highlights

  • 41% of respondents stated that their digital marketing team increased in size in the past 24 months while 8% said it reduced in size.
  • A further 46% said that they still have the same numbers as they did two years ago.
  • In relation to budget, 16% said their digital marketing budget had decreased in size (up from 11% in 2016) with 26% stating it had increased.
  • 38% said their budget had stayed the same and 20% stated operational budget had remained the same but that they received additional funding for a once off project.

2016 Report Highlights

  • 49% of Institutions received an increase in digital marketing funding (11% stated budgets were cut)
  • 45% of respondents declared their marketing team size increased (8% has team reduced)
  • 80% of respondents stated student recruitment was the biggest institutional goal that defined the web strategy
  • 28% of respondents stated that international students accounted for more than 10% of total student numbers
  • Facebook remained the dominant social media platform for driving conversion (77%); number one for driving engagement (64%) and number for future allocation of resources (49%)

2015 Report Highlights

  • 31% of Web Administrators in higher education now report into Communications/Marketing as opposed to 13% in 2014 survey
  • 82% of respondents cited student recruitment activities as the organizational goal that had the greatest impact on defining their institutional web strategy.
  • 53% of Higher Education respondents said their institution underwent a web transformation project in the past 12 months
  • 32% of these projects were carried out in-house only; 53% were a combination of in-house and external agency; and 15% external agency only
  • 10% of respondents stated that their most recent web transformation project was greater than 5 years ago

It is a fair assessment to say that the geopolitical events of the past 24 months will have a profound and potentially lasting impact on higher education globally. How can it not? Student recruitment was already a growing concern for universities and colleges for years and now not only are they having to 'sell' their institutions but also they now have to convince international prospects that they are welcome to come to their countries too.

This will only intensify competition and put increasing pressure on web, digital marketing and student recruitment teams. Is this already being felt? We’ll know more once we’ve written and released the report.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to contribute to the insights.

Complete the survey now (2-3 minutes)

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