Keeping track of the content and design changes

Easy & Secure Web Content and Document Management Version Control

Information published on a website is both powerful and impactful. This places a huge responsibility on organisations to be able track all content that has ever been on the site. If a person questions or challenges (possibly from a legal perspective) information previously posted on the website, organisations need to be able prove exactly what content was published. TERMINALFOUR Site Manager is rigorously designed to ensure that all assets within the Web Content Management System are version controlled and "locked" while being edited. Enterprise scale Web Content Management System version control will help you control the quality of all web content published but also deal with complaints or legal actions dealing with historical web content. 

Without TERMINALFOUR Site Manager how do you prove what a web page stated a number of years ago?

  • "Check-in/check-out" or "file-locking" functionality prevents the simultaneous editing of a specific piece of web content or documents by more than one user at any one time. 
  • Full document management standard version control; all incarnations of content items -approved or draft- are secured in the content store and can be 'rolled-back to' if required. 
  • Complete 'roll back' and 'roll forward' requirements are facilitated; viewing or replacing any piece of content, document or template with previous or later incarnations is possible by authorised users. This powerful Web Content Management System functionality allows you to see how your website, intranet or extranet appeared historically.
  • Multi language versions of any content item maintain their own version number, which allows you to identify when one language has been updated separately from its 'twins'.
  • Web Content templates, media library assets and website design styles are also version controlled allowing you to revert back to a previous version of a design or layout in seconds.
  • Visually compare versions and variations in seconds to see what has changed since the content was last modified. This will save you time and effort. No need to re-read a whole document when only a small change has been made. This is ideal for translating web content into different languages.