Sharepoint? Yes we can!

Sharepoint Integration

Integration with SharePoint, Active Directory and MS SQL Server is intrinsic to the product.

While we can integrate with a large number of systems on non-Microsoft platforms we provide full support and out-of-the-box integration for solutions such as Active Directory and SharePoint. In the case of SharePoint we work alongside it, providing you with the sorely missed web content management and proper multilingual publishing functionality.

Some key advantages of our integration with SharePoint:

  • Once off publishing from SharePoint or constant syncing
  • Publish content to SharePoint as well as from SharePoint
  • Allow users within SharePoint contribute content to the CMS from the SharePoint Portal
  • Open platform approach to the integration
  • Better control over output, in order to make sure it’s accessible
  • Save directly from Office into TERMINALFOUR Site Manager
  • Sync Sharepoint Lists, Documents and other digital assets

Users need not have access to the SharePoint portal server from remote locations (once CMS server can access it).