Growing as you grow

Scalability & Performance


TERMINALFOUR Site Manager was designed to work in a multi user, multi site and multi location environment. TERMINALFOUR Site Manager is purpose built to support multiple users in excess of 300+ concurrent users and thousands of registered users. Some TERMINALFOUR Site Manager installations operate with thousands of users and hundreds of concurrent users.


TERMINALFOUR Site Manager’s static (or statically dynamic) site generation allows for the system to adequately handle large spikes in traffic as the web server is physically separate from the CMS database. In practice this means that a website can handle in excess of 3,000 concurrent users (all clicking at the same time) on a standard server. In practice this means that bandwidth is more likely to be an issue than hardware or CMS performance


The architecture of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager enables the ultimate in scalability, a fact which has been noted as being very significant in our selection at a number of large organisations. One of our client's Site Manager installation manages some 900,000 web pages on approximately 300 sites, being published over 27 webservers and peaking at 27 million page impressions per day. In their case the published front end is independent to the backend, so they increase capacity by adding bandwidth and web servers on request. TERMINALFOUR now fully supports “cloud” publishing allowing for elasticised web site hosting were demand grows according to traffic without the need for new hardware.