Open, Extendible, Customisable

Powerful & Extendable Content Management Platform

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager is based on an open architecture that can easily be integrated with third party systems such as Portal servers, ERP systems and third party repositories. A full enterprise level Java API that covers 100% of the product, is provided with the product. We also offer a cut-down version implemented via our E-forms, utilised in standard tasks such as automating exchange of data.  



TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's open platform Web Services & Java API can be use for both reading and writing data. The structure of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's API is language independent to some degree so that additional functionality can be added using any other language or technology such as .NET. You are therefore not restricted to using Java to develop API related applications. In fact you don't need to know any Java or scripting languages to implement the system.

 Key features of our API include:

  • Highly extendible product - functionality and modules can be developed easily using a Java API.
  • Comprehensive Web Services API, which is also accessible using languages such as C#, ASP.NET, Java, CFM & other technologies.
  • Business Handler architecture allows for additional functionality or integration to occur without restricting the core product from being upgraded.
  • Our eForms gateway acts as a web service to allow for third party systems to interact with Site Manager.
  • TERMINALFOUR Site Manager development can be undertaken in the following languages: JSP, ASP.NET, Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, Cold Fusion.