Working with every system


TERMINALFOUR Site Manager supports three methods of publishing content from external data sources:

  • Data / Web Object - TERMINALFOUR Site Manager supports a powerful method of fetching content from external data sources. A Data Object can be now be created using the Administration interface which upon publishing fetches a snap shot of data from the third party data source and then publishes it statically to the live webserver. This means that there is no link required from the database to the live webserver (so therefore it is obviously very secure).
  • Live Link - A live query is embedded within the template formatting (typically in ASP, JSP or PHP). When a user visits the site the system connects to the database and retrieves the information.
  • Replication - Data can be imported on a periodic basis from a third party system using a replication program supplied by TERMINALFOUR (or created independently).

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager can link to any data source that has a JDBC driver or can be accessed via XML.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager can publish, manage, version control and pass variables to the following languages: ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, XSQL, Cold Fusion, Java, JavaScript, AJax JSP and Python. This is achieved by storing the code within Site Manager and passing it to a parser being separately installed on the server. The language used will be based on the parser utilised by the web / application server.