Migrating content with minimal fuss

Automated Content Migration

TERMINALFOUR is highly experienced in converting from existing managed systems and/or existing HTML websites to our own Site Manager environment. Typically, if the existing content is formatted and structured in a consistent way, bulk loading scripts can be used to rapidly migrate content into the Site Manager system. If not, some manual work involving essentially cutting, pasting and tweaking and testing may be required. In our experience, typically 80% of content can be automatically migrated.

We have migration scripts and experience migrating from the following CMS systems:

  • Open Text / Reddot Version 5+
  • Serena Collage
  • OmniUpdate
  • Alterian / Immediacy
  • Microsoft CMS
  • Interwoven
  • Oracle / Fatwire
  • Vignette
  • Percussion
  • Ellucian LCMS
  • Squiz

For other systems we have an XML and database bulk loading application.

Migration phasing differs. It can happen all at once, or on a site by site basis, and so on.  With regard to TERMINALFOUR Migration utilities, some come as part of the product. These include CMS Import, Site Structure import, Media import etc. There are several options:

  • CMS to Site Manager tool
  • CMS export to XML & import
  • CMS export to “consistent HTML” & import

We also have a series of scripts/utilities developed on other projects.