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Web Content Management System Technical Overview

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager is heavily focused and resourced to ensure we remain at the forefront of web technologies.  We know that web content management systems do not operate in isolation. They must work within the confines of a range of different IT environments. Therefore, we have gone to great lengths to make sure our web content management system is the most technically open product on the market.

We are best friends with everyone; we can ‘talk’ to any system and any system can ‘talk’ to us.  ‘Come one come all’ – we play nice with the majority of key databases, servers, browsers, portals, back office systems and platforms in the world. 

TERMINALFOUR addresses ‘your’ needs:

  • Web Editors – Use any browser and any desktop;
  • Web designer – pixel perfect and standards compliant;
  • Web Developer – Open API and Database.