Pixel perfect, and easy to integrate

Consistent, Accessible and Standards Compliant Layout and Style

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's Style and Template functionality enables non-technical users to create entire web sites with consistent style and navigation throughout without having to worry about CSS or HTML.  We even fully support the exciting area of responsive design layouts.

Web Developers can use industry standard tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver to create and maintain highly accessible and standard compliant pixel perfect website designs without the Web Content Management System inserting unwelcome code. New sites can be created quickly and easily, while existing websites can undergo significant re-design in minutes - updating navigation, links and branding. 

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager features a sophisticated style and template wizard allowing administrators to quickly and easily develop an infinite number of content templates. These templates can be used to format the layout of web pages, integrate content from other legacy systems and even content form eForms. TERMINALFOUR Site Manager facilitates efficient and consistent layout and style:

  • Full control over design with no restrictions
  • Lock down editing areas and accessibility based on your needs
  • Easy styles and template configuration
  • "Quality in - quality out" allows for compliant WAI/XHTML/HTML/CSS output
  • Instant site re-branding and re-purposing
  • Consistency maintained throughout
  • Full template flexibility, with broad or specific templates
  • Multi-channel support
  • Continued use of existing design tools
  • Built-in previewing and staging area
  • Allocate styles and templates so that users only see the relevant assets that they need to work with
  • Support for complex multi-column page designs
  • Full flexibility for web masters and third party design companies
  • Include scripting languages such as ASP.net, JSP, PHP and JavaScript
  • Save designs and CSS directly from Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Full responsive design support.