Optimise your content, better search engine results

Search Engine Optimisation

What's the point in having a website if nobody can find it? You've invested in fancy and expensive design services, yet the traffic to the website may be poor.  Why? Maybe it's your content.  If organisations don't make their website content relevant, attractive and visible to search engines and web searchers, they've wasted time and money and opportunity.  When it comes to SEO, not all content management solutions are created equal.  TERMINALFOUR Site Manager incorporates the following specific features to drive website rankings on Google and other search engines:

  • Meaningful URLs
  • Configurable URLs and aliases
  • Clean code
  • Metadata
  • Complete control over page titles, H1, H2 tags etc.
  • Support for third party analytics packages
  • Outputs to different channels
  • Multilingual content indexing
  • Support for banner add management (third party or built in)
  • Auto generation of Google XML site maps
  • Built-in SEO check button to allow you to quickly assess how your website is performing.

In the case of URLs it’s configurable as to what level of user is allowed configure this. Items such as metadata and titles are configurable by end users. Other settings are configured when setting up the published channel.