Powerful search, perfect results

Enterprise Website and Intranet Search

Organizations of every kind want their websites to be easy to use and their content easy to find. At TERMINALFOUR, we understand this and to aid it, we offer an enterprise scale search function which our clients can implement on their website and intranet, enabling visitors to and staff to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

This user-friendly feature ensures user satisfaction is met by allowing users to find content quickly and easily without frustration. 


TERMINALFOUR Web Search is a search and automated categorization solution that offers users a full overview of all content a cross potentially numerous websites and data sources.

Our product offers a single, quick and effective point of access to documents hosted on your website or intranet. The enterprise edition goes far further by allowing you index databases, fileservers and other web services.

The version included within the TERMINALFOUR Site Manager License at no additional charge allows for the indexing of up to 20,000 web pages published by our Web Content Management System. If you require a version that allows you to search many third party systems (enterprise federated search) and data sources beyond your web infrastructure, we can provide an upgrade for a fee.

Most search engines will look for what you need, TERMINALFOUR Web Search finds it.

Intelligent search and browsing functions that help users to access information quickly

  • Search by keyword and/or operator (Boolean, truncation, lemmatisation, etc.)
  • Multilingual search (more than 50 languages indexed as standard)
  • Auto-complete: automatic query refinement suggestions
  • Phonetic search
  • Advanced search by view
  • Search by category (browsing)
  • Spelling suggestions
  • Extended search including the company's thesauruses/ontology
  • Property-based filtering and dynamic browsing (can be used to apply several search filters to a set of data or documents)
  • Browsing assistance: browsing history, displaying previously-selected filters and allowing the user to disable certain filters during the course of a search
  • Automatic context-based summary
  • Preview thumbnail
  • Automatic "tag cloud" classification
  • Similar document search function ("More like this")
  • Sort results by date, relevance or other, customizable criterion 
  • Option to include a "viewer" module, to view documents in streaming mode without requiring the source application
  • Highlighted search terms and display in HTML cache mode
  • Browse through each individual occurrence of a particular search term

Rich and intuitive user interfaces

  • Multiple context-based views (documents, images, directories, news items, videos, etc.) with tailored search functions for each view (relevance, filters, default display)
  • Multiple display modes (basic list, detailed list, mosaic, grid with sort options, contacts)
  • Automatic preview generation
  • An interface that is easy to configure and customize using CSS

Alert and push features


  • Set complex alerts for real-time information about selected topics (e.g. business intelligence activities)
  • Automatic document recommendations based on the user's profile


Additional collaboration features


  • Add comments and tags, with the option to "score" a document
  • Expert identification based on business-specific topics
  • Most commonly-viewed documents, most popular documents, etc.
  • Save "favorites"
  • Print, transfer or export documents (by email, zip, XML, etc.)


TERMINALFOUR Web Search is an Enterprise Scale Web Search solution based on Apache Lucene platform. It is included as part of the core TERMINALFOUR Site Manager license.

If you wish you can also easily integrate with existing third party search solutions such as Google, Autonomy and Exalead. As TERMINALFOUR Site Manager publishes using “Friendly URLs”, the use of third party search and web analytics packages, is straightforward.