Any time, any place publishing

Automatic Web Content Scheduling

Are you wasting time and stressing out about planning web content publishing in advance? Why? The days of having to be 'present' when content is published are a thing of the past with web content scheduling. TERMINALFOUR Site Manager makes your life easier. You can plan all your content changes well in advance and make sure they are published at a particular time in the future.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's scheduling mechanism also helps you to keep content relevant and up to date. Review dates can be entered to 'alarm' content owners to review content that might have become out of date and in particular check the relevance and accuracy of the content at specific milestone in the future.

You can also set an expiry date and time so that content is removed automatically at some point in the future. TERMINALFOUR Site Manager can even schedule the automated release of content from staging or test environments to live environments or simply remind users at a particular date to review particular material which may no longer be relevant.

Our Web Content Management System can schedule the following tasks: