All the bells and whistles, without the hassle

Photos, Videos & Multimedia

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager enables you to bring all of the ‘bells and whistles’, the multi-media elements, video, photo galleries, mapping etc, that truly engage visitors to your site. Site Manager really allows you to take advantage of all the modern web has to offer. TERMINALFOUR can help you easily publish photos, videos and other formats so that your visitors have strong visual and interactive experience.

As long as a MIME type is known, TERMINALFOUR Site Manager can present ANY digital file online, either opened automatically or available for download.  Images, such as photos, would often be presented open and embedded in the page whereas PDFs and CAD files, for example, would be made available for optional download. 

A number of TERMINALFOUR clients make full use of this feature for their digital asset management over Extranet. One example is a secure client Extranet that allows clients to access their digital assets remotely. In this business, a huge variety of file types are uploaded through Site Manager such as logos in JPG format, advertising copy in PDF or .doc, spreadsheets, radio ads in WAV format and streaming media clips in Flash / AVI etc.

Where new media types are invented, these can be added to the Template Formattings in the form of new Object tags etc.