Powerful personalization, targeted results


The modern web user has become more discerning, more demanding and more 'me' focused. They want web experiences that are relevant to them and their unique tastes. Websites that deliver generic, non-targeted homepages run the risk of alientating visitors by failing to accommodate their location, purchasing drivers or other characteristics. On the other hand, websites that recognise the power of personalisation are capable of higher conversion rates and more targeted marketing campaigns.

TERMINALFOUR has extensive experience implementing a range of personalisation mechanisms.


  • Content rating
  • Clickstream analysis
  • Collaborative


  • Geographic (either GeoIP or set explicitly by user)
  • Login based
  • Campaign based
  • Previous engagement history

Geo Personalization – Using a module provided to TERMINALFOUR clients and a database of IP addresses (commercially or freely available – an extra charge may apply), content can be delivered based on a visitor’s location.

Behavioural Personalization – This is the most successful method of personalisation. Using a small module installed within a web page when a user visits particular pages of a website, clicks on a particular email news letter link, arrives via a banner ad or completes an on-line form, a cookie is logged with their browser. When the user returns to the website in future, content can be personalised based on their interests. This is most effective if you do not make major changes to the site structure but subtle content changes are applied to convert a potential customer. This type of functionality can be particularly powerful in terms of engaging users and ‘cross-selling’. Related content functionality will further engage users and cross-sell across the site.

Login/User Account/Group Personalization - TERMINALFOUR Site Manager provides an out-of-the-box method for allowing users to log in to a particular part of a site and based on their user or group permissions different content can be seen. In this case the actual content and navigation is personalised and the user will only see content they are allowed to access.

In Page Personalization – This can be undertaken using our JQuery module. Using this functionality a user can customise what content they see or even drag aground the items in the right had side navigation. For example, users can drag around widgets and enter their own zip code to personalize the information they see.