Automate on-line processes, save money

A Web Content Management System with powerful eForms & Self Service functionality

Is your time being taken up creating on-line form after form? Are you frustrated at how long it takes to implement a Poll, Booking Form or questionnaire? Trying to connect with your users in a more interactive way?

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager goes well beyond other Web Content Management Systems and is designed to facilitate the simple automation of business processes and administrative tasks. End users can easily create their own forms or select from a pool of pre-approved forms, saving developers' time and helping you react quickly to your needs. A whole host of processes can be efficiently automated, including orders, information requests and submissions, without the overhead of developing each one from scratch.

Connecting with your users could never be easier as the same eForms functionality can also be used to receive web 2.0 styled user generated content such as photos, videos, comments, page ratings, blog comments, events and polls. TERMINALFOUR Site Manager allows non-technical users to develop electronic forms in a matter of minutes, for which the software automatically builds a normalised database table structure.  This means that each field in the form will have its own database identity for optimal data reuse purposes.

In fact, any process that can be described in a form - holiday requests, room bookings, and so on - can very efficiently be handled by TERMINALFOUR Site Manager. The power of the application is in its simplicity, as we can enable you to set-up automated processes through a speedy ’eForm Wizard’ and a workflow creation tool. All these features are available out-of-the-box and are a standard part of our Web Content Management System.

eForms Advantages

  • Create a form in minutes e.g. brochure request.
  • Greater information accuracy; website visitors can create forms at times that suit them.
  • Automatically or manually create the accessible form layout by simply selecting the field you would like.
  • Easily pick from numerous field types and add validation.
  • A database table will automatically be created matching the fields of your form.
  • Optional workflow of the form response.
  • Publish the eForm response back to your website, intranet or extranet for blog comments or user generated content.
  • Reuse standard forms throughout your websites.
  • Export the data to CSV, XML or into other databases.
  • Create Web 2.0 forms to implement polls, discussion forums, blogs and 'rate this page'.
  • Ability to enter any given set of information into databases for use by other applications