Multi channel publishing in a mobile age

A Web Content Management System to Easy Publication to Multiple Channels

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager has been built from the ground up to easily publish web content to any number of locations or devices - whether Internet Websites, Microsites, SEO Landing pages, Intranet, Mobile or Portals.

Reusing and targetting content to alternative channels such as SEO focused microsites or devices will help you specifically target new clients. Reaching out to new devices such as the iPhone can ensure that users have access to specific mobile content on the move, without the overhead of managing multiple websites manually. TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's "author once, publish to many" methodology allows you to repurpose content easily and quickly so you can react to competition and gain a competitive advantage.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager allows for seamless and automated publication to multiple channels or sites by separating the 'raw' content from the delivery formatting. Depending on the output, the content is reformatted accordingly.

  • The publishing engine can format content for a specific target channel
  • Quickly create numerous SEO landing pages and link them into your keyword advertising campaigns
  • Facilitate content re-use, syndication, importing, exporting and publishing to numerous other channels
  • Provide content to external websites via web services or RSS/XML feeds
  • Quickly create white labelled versions of websites for affiliate partners
  • Content can be mirrored or duplicated so content updates can, if you wish, update across mutliple websites, intranets or extranets simultanously
  • Publish to Portal solutions such as Sharepoint, uPortal, Liferay, Ellucian Luminis, Campus EIA & Blackboard
  • Quickly clone tempalte microsites for a particular campaign
  • TERMINALFOUR Site Manager can publish natively to multiple devices - without the need for XSL. Its potential channels are numerous - Mobile Apps & Sites (iPhone, Andriod, Blackberry, Windows Mobile), Smart Phone, PDF, Adobe Indesign, Quark Express, Digital TV, E-mail, SMS or even hardcopy print

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager was designed to work in a multi user, multi site and multi location environment. Some installations, especially within larger organisations, manage 100’s of sites through their TERMINALFOUR Site Manager installation. Typically an entirely new site is set up  in a matter of seconds. A virtual server must then be created within your webserver. Please note that TERMINALFOUR Site manager does not try and replace your webserver with a proprietary server. We work in partnership with it and therefore can support any features provided by the webserver.

It is also possible to host your website over a number of servers, even if they are in different locations, on the cloud, and even publish in different formats (such as JSP/ASP.NET/PHP etc.).