One message, many languages

Multi Language & Localisation Web Content Management Support

In an increasingly globalised economy, organisations simultaneously market to different territories throughout the world.  This creates challenges for global brand and marketing managers that need to address the different language requirements in each of these countries. The multilingual capabilities of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager enables the effective translation of corporate material and content into a range of languages, without the traditional complexities or publishing delays.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager is a fully Unicode compliant enterprise scale web content management system, allowing it to publish all standard character sets/languages worldwide including Arabic, Thai and Chinese. This will allow you to target websites to international markets and reach new clients in their own language. TERMINALFOUR Site Manager offers full multi-language and localisation support beyond just supporting the character sets, by providing business tools to help with the web content translation and localisation process. 

Beyond what other Web Content Management Systems offer, TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's complete user and administrative interface are available in numerous languages. This will empower your users around the world to update their local web or intranet content using an interface in their own language.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager solves problems typically encountered by operators of large multi-lingual sites:

  • TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's version control system monitors/detects changes in one language that are not reflected in foreign equivalents.
  • Changes to content in one language can be identified in other languages using our visual version comparison functionality.
  • Content can be dropped into a foreign language workflow, perhaps sending the content to an outside translation agency for accurate translation.
  • TERMINALFOUR supports XML standard web services supported by the leading translation agencies.
  • TERMINALFOUR Site Manager integrates with your existing translation memory software to ensure that consistent language is used.
  • TERMINALFOUR Site Manager offers localisation as well as translation functionality.
  • Any information architecture, taxonomy or content changes in one language can automatically be reflected in all other languages, where these apply.
  • Content can be personalised for users by their geographic location based on the user's IP address.

Also, there is no need to have exact mirroring of site structures in the various languages. For example, it is perfectly feasible to have a site with say 5,000 pages in English, only a small portion of which have a particular foreign language translation, but where pages also exist on that foreign language site for which there is no equivalent content in English. This principle extends to all languages set up in the system, so that no matter how much or how little overlapping exists in the various individual language sites, TERMINALFOUR Site Manager can track changes to any "twinned" pages where these exist.  From the end-user’s perspective, it is possible to "toggle" on the site from any page to any translated equivalent in the other available languages. This is also applicable to pages such as "Site Map".

The system will track modification or updates to particular pages in one language and try to enforce the corresponding updates to the other language "twins". The tracking is done by differences in version number while the enforcement is encouraged using a system of "snoozable alarms".