Modules, modules and more modules

Bundles of Web Content Management Functionality

Most organisations have unique requirements in terms of their website projects.  This may include the resources they have available, the user type they cater to or indeed the desired project outcomes. To reflect this, TERMINALFOUR has invested heavily in the development of specific modules which can be incorporated into the core TERMINALFOUR Site Manager web content management system by organisations (at no additional cost) to allow them create 'personalised' web pages for maximum site optimisation.  TERMINALFOUR Site Manager provides bundles of highly configurable yet extendable business and technical functionality to allow you to manage the authoring, delivery, security, and presentation of content.  It takes control of your websites, intranets, extranets, personalised portals and emerging media with minimal human intervention and extreme user friendliness.


  • Email Manager
    Application that integrates with TERMINALFOUR Site Manager to manage email subscription lists, the distribution of the emails and user/subscriber/unsubscriber functionality.
  • SiteReader
    Personalisation application based around groups or visitor types.
  • xForms Gateway
    XML interface to TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's API to allow for the use of on-line forms where the web server does not have a physical connection back to the content management server. This Gateway can also be used to import existing content in XML into the system.
  • eForms Gateway
    This gateway is a uses a subset of our API to allow for on-line forms (and their responses) to be managed via TERMINALFOUR Site Manager.

Modules/Reusable Code

  • Polls
    Allows for online polling of users and generates a graph showing results
  • Discussion Boards
    Built on top of our eForms system, users cancontribute comments to categories/topics. All comments can take advantage of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's workflow functionality.
  • Blogging
  • WebPay
    Allows for eForms to integrate with numerous payment systems including Worldpay, Barclays Bank & RealEx.
  • Page registration, subscription and protection
    Allows pages to be password protected based on a user subscribing or registering for access.
  • Bulk Loader
    Two applications used to import content into TERMINALFOUR Site Manager from either text/xml or database sources (including other web content management systems)
  • Combined "Print the information"
    Allows for a person to click on a "print this information" button. The system will then collect all information, across numerous pages and merge them into a custom yet single printable document.

Other smaller modules

  • Alternative "Print this page" style
    Allows for an alternative style for printed output
  • Text only & Mobile output
    Standard styles for different devices
  • Email to a friend
    Send the link to a colleague
  • Rate this page
  • Photo sharing
    Upload, approve & share images
  • Video sharing
    Upload, approve & share media
  • Page Personalisation  (JQuery)
  • Folksonomy Tagging
  • GeoIP
    Personalisation based on a person's location
  • Google Maps Integration and KML output
  • Navigational Objects / Data Object
    Built in functionality to generate all forms of navigation or extract information from existing systems
  • Portlet
    Publish content from the CMS to Portlets or Sharepoint Webparts