Pixel perfect, and easy to integrate

Flexibility for Designers

We know that webmasters and developers in organisations don't want a web content management system that is restrictive or impedes the implementation of new sites, or indeed their own vision for the tone of the website. Within TERMINALFOUR Site Manager, the provision of content using styles and templates ensures that the pixel perfect “look and feel” of content is always consistent. There are no limitations as to design, so your website can be as innovative as you wish. Our system will not restrict your creativity and message.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager, unlike other WCMS's, allows for “Pixel Perfect” design. Our system will not restrict you from building the most dynamic, standards compliant and attractive website you can imagine.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager (including the interface) is fully compliant with XHTML and HTML (including HTML5) standards. There is a configuration option to select which one you wish to use and the WYSIWYG editor will correct minor issues where appropriate.

As the system allows for complete control over the formatting of the styles and templates, the quality of the output is based on the quality of the styles and templates produced. Once the styles and templates are designed correctly, all pages can be locked down to maintain consistancy throughout your sites.