Syndicate to communicate

Web Content Management System Content Syndication incl. RSS

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager has the ability for both inbound and outbound content syndication. RSS, PodCast, eBooks & XML feeds are all supported.

Publishing to RSS

All content within TERMINALFOUR Site Manager can be exported to XML and into another web content management product if required. Site Manager is built completely on open standards, with all content stored within a relational database. All content is held in a granular format and firmly separated from its presentation thus allowing for complete reuse and repurposing as required. When publishing content you can simply select that it publishes to the RSS feed or not by ticking the box that dictates whether or not is published to the RSS Channel.

Consuming RSS

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager includes a Navigational Object where content can be subsumed into a published channel using RSS and Atom format. This content can either be stored within Site Manager as content (if you wish to reuse it) or be discarded automatically once it has become obsolete. The navigational object simply points to the RSS feed and collects the data. You can then format the results to ensure it fits in with your standard site formatting. Data can even be in different formats including small web snippets or gadgets from other applications.