Maximum Impact, Minimum Resources

Automated Website Management

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager delivers a range of features and functionalities that make it easy for you to manage your website(s). The system allows you to achieve a lot with limited budgets. It is built to give you maximal impact with minimum resources. We have clients that have built award winning websites, the envy of their competitors, with far lesser budgets and resources.

Amongst the features and functionalities that make it easier for you to manage your web presence are:

Link Management

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager makes link management really easy! The checking of links occurs at publishing time and information is contained within the “Publish Report”. As missing links can have an impact on the management of content we can configure email alerts to be generated to inform users of the broken links. Link impact analysis also takes place, so that if you are about to delete some content it will warn you that other pages actually link to that content. What that means is that, the system is looking after your link management for you!

Quality Control Reporting

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager works with you to ensure the system is performing as it should be and your output is of a best practice quality standard. For example, should an error occur in the system, such as a publish fail, you will automatically be notified, as will we. You can configure who receives these notifications, and the communication channel, i.e. email, SMS etc.

Auto Navigation

All navigation within the system maintains itself automatically once the amendment has been effected via the master “Site Structure” screen. This means that the navigation of all sites (as well as the site map pages) is automatically delivered in line with the hierarchy created on the main Site Structure screen. Since the system determines navigation independently from the actual content, significant reshaping of sites can be accomplished in seconds. For example, a simple point and click could accomplish the movement of 10,000 pages from one part of a site to another (with any rebranding occurring automatically if required).

SEO Testing

Built-in SEO check button to allow you to quickly assess how your website is performing.

Accessibility Testing

Built-in Accessibility check button to allow you to quickly check the accessibility compliance of each page and in turn the site as a whole.

Locking Style & Design

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager’s styles and templating functionality gives you Pixel Perfect control over design and layout. You can assign approved styles to different parts of the site. You can also assign what content types (templates) can be used in different locations on the website. This means you can retain control over design of lower level pages while maintaining corporate identity and global navigation. “Styles” are simply raw HTML, which can be cut and pasted in from any web-authoring package into the “header”, “footer” and “style sheet” fields in the Site Manager style management screen. This approach of course means that third party designers, as well as internal staff, can deploy new styles with no reliance on our company and effectively no design restrictions.

Multiple Sites

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager makes it really easy to publish to multiple sites and channels. The “raw” content is separated from the delivery formatting, which means that the publishing engine can format the content for a specific target channel. Site Manager’s relational database & xml structure is the ideal technical structure to ensure content reuse, syndication, importing, exporting, and publishing content to numerous other channels. Possible channels include WAP, PDA, Digital TV, E-mail, SMS, RSS, PDF, even hardcopy print. The only development time involved is the simple creation of a new design (via the XSL) for the specific device.