Quality control at your fingertips

Automated Quality Control

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager features a range of mechanisms for optimising and enforcing quality on your site. This enables website administrators to have full visibility of website performance, to take immediate corrective action if and when required and to ensure that the publishing of content is seamless.  


Built-in SEO check button to allow you to quickly assess how your website is performing.


Built-in accessibility check button which allows you to check the accessibility compliance of each page and in turn the site as a whole.

Code Validation

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager is fully compliant with XHTML and HTML standards.  There is a configuration option to select which one you wish to use and the WYSIWYG editor will correct minor issues where appropriate. Unlike other systems you do not need to convert your templates to XSLT, your standard accessible compliant code can be placed directly into the system.

Link Management

The checking of links occurs at publishing time and information is contained within the “Publish Report”.  As missing links can have an impact on the management of content we can configure email alerts to be generated to inform users of the broken links. While the system could check individual sections due to the complexity of a large website we recommend that this runs at every release of content.

Link impact analysis also takes place, so that if you are about to delete some content it will warn you that other pages actually link to that content. What that means is that, if you use the system as recommended, it’s actually almost impossible to have broken internal links.