Keeping track of your content

Comprehensive & Actionable Web Content Management System Reports

Trying to find web content that hasn't been updated in months or identify broken external links? How are your pages performing in the search engines or are there any accessibility issues with a page? Trying to find out who made the changes to a document?

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager gives you all the information and recommendations you need to help raise your game and maintain a world class website, intranet or extranet. 

Actionable Recommendations

Suggesting improvements to your authors in order to improve the impact of your website, intranet or extranet is a unique feature of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager. Automated quality control, accessibility and SEO checks are run on a scheduled basis and actionable recommendations are suggested to your authors to fix problems or improve their search engine ranking for a particular term.

For example, if a page is being targeted for a partical phrase in the search engines, TERMINALFOUR Site Manager will provide your authors with practical feedback so they can improve the content and achieve a better ranking in popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

New quality control tests can also be added that are particular to your organisation.

Web Content Management System Auditing Reports

So you have delegated the updating of your content to the authors. Worried about what all your users are doing? Our powerful Web Content Management System provides comprehensive content auditing, version control and logging facilities in order to effectively measure users activities, return on investment or review old content. 

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's Audit Trail facilitates the logging of all actions and errors within the system to the central database repository so you can see the complete picture:

  • All information is readily retrievable by management and system administrators for tracking who is doing what, when, how often and from where.
  • The full lifecycle of any document, image, template or other component can be traced and rolled-back through all of its versions.
  • Any and every action effected by TERMINALFOUR Site Manger is traceable.
  • The complete history of a document can be reviewed with the changes made between versions highlighted.
  • All reporting information is stored in an open database repository so that additional reporting tools (such as Business Objects / Crystal Reports and Oracle Discoverer) can interface with TERMINALFOUR Site Manager.
  • Usage statistics are available so you can measure the adoption of the system throughout your organisation

Management reports are fully customisable and can be designed to provide valuable information such as:

  • The number of out-of-date or neglected documents contained in a site
  • The history of a document, e.g. the date is was added to a site, last modified and by whom
  • The sections of a site which have been penetrated by unauthorised users
  • The historical activity of specific users over a given period
  • The sections of a site that have not been updated in the past month
  • May be integrated with overall management information systems report

Detailed return on investment and visitor traffic analysis reports can be also be generated utilising industry standard tools such as Google Analytics and Webtrends in conjunction with TERMINALFOUR Site Manager.

Stay Connected with your Web Content Management System Users

Keeping in touch with your web content management system users will increase acceptance, satisifaction and the over all acceptance of your project.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's Alerts and Triggers module is a simple, yet highly effective set of features that allow you to keep in touch with your web content management system users and make sure content is promptly approved and kept up-to-date:

  • Streamline the content flow as it automates the process of alerting content contributors/approvers to their required or outstanding actions including when content is ready for review as part of a workflow.
  • Remind users to review content on a periodic basis.
  • Keep in touch with your Web Content Management System users by email or SMS mobile text messaging.
  • Administrators can be automatically alerted when the systen reaches a defined performance "load".
  • Alerts relevant personnel when content has been stalled in the workflowed approval process for a pre-determined number of days; if one approver in the process is absent others approvers are made aware and may intervene.
  • Customisable widgets allow you to monitor other related systems from the TERMINALFOUR Site Manager interface. 
  • Contact groups of your users by email to make announcements or introduce new features.