Maintain WCAG & S.508 compliance, easily

Web Accessibility Compliance

All web users have unique requirements in relation to how they use the Internet. This can range from the kind of browser they are using or considerations relating to people with a particular disability. By enhancing a website's accessibility and allowing every user to use your website in a way that works best for them, you are better positioned to reap the rewards of your website investment. The accessibility functionality in TERMINALFOUR Site Manager's cutting edge web content management system makes sure that your website or Intranet meets the highest Web Accessibility standards. We remove the stress and workload for you so that you can focus on what you do best.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager maintains the highest levels of web accessibility compliance. It delivers complete control over the published HTML and makes it easy to create styles and templates that can automate the creation of WCAG / WAI-AAA or Section 508 compliant sites. TERMINALFOUR's own interface is also accessible, rare among other web content management systems, so content can be contributed by authors of all abilities.

Easily manage your WCAG / Section 508 compliant website with some of our comprehensive accessibility features:

  • Full control over styles and templates at an administrator level
  • Output can meet the highest W3C standards including HTML, XHTML and XML.
  • Our website content management system works on a quality-in, quality-out basis meaning that we will not change or alter your code, so accessible compliant code will remain so.
  • Ability to automate the creation of WAI-AAA compliant sites.
  • Accessible table builder allowing you to properly tag columns and rows headings
  • Compulsory fields where required (i.e. ALT tags, LONGDESC etc.).
  • Facility to restrict WYSIWYG editor for different user levels.
  • Users can be restricted so that they can only utilise appropriate CSS styles.
  • Full formatting functionality can be withheld from certain users if required
  • Fully compliant XHTML / HTML editor.
  • WCAG and Section 508 compliance checker within the web content management system interface.
  • Easy development and management of 'text only' or 'high contrast' versions of your site.
  • Accessibility check button which allows you to check the accessibility compliance of each page and in turn the website as a whole.  
  • Fully configurable CSS/XSL style sheets.
  • Support for access keys and index tabs.
  • Build accessible eForms.

TERMINALFOUR and our global partners are leaders in the creation of accessible sites. We also offer training in best practices and procedures for producing compliant content.  

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager is the perfect way to easily maintain highly compliant, numerous websites, intranets and extranets without the high overhead of managing the sites manually. Imagine the standards you could meet and the audiences you could connect with without the stress!