helps you manage your Web World.

  • Easy for non-IT staff Editing Screen Shot
    • Edit content in WYSIWYG
    • Quickly include multimedia
    • Launch microsites in minutes
    • Manage complex workflows
    • Schedule content updates
  • Modern CMS Webmaster Screenshot
    • Modern AJAX interface
    • Completely open architecture
    • Include video and social media
    • Personalise content easily
    • Improve your web experience
  • Flexible for designers & coders Image Editing Screenshot
    • Pixel perfect accessible design
    • Quick to integrate new designs
    • Include video and social media
    • Automate mundane development tasks
    • Include .NET, PHP or JSP code

User-Friendly Web Content Management System

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager is an enterprise scale web content management system, built with end users in mind. In fact, many of the feature enhancements made to the product throughout the last decade have been driven by our user community. This ensures that the features and functionality within TERMINALFOUR Site Manager address real business and technical issues, as experienced by modern organisations.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager is equipped with bundles of highly configurable yet extendable web content management system functionality and web 2.0 modules. It allows for efficient authoring, delivery, management, security and presentation of all forms of content, wherever you wish to publish it. Nothing has been overlooked in creating a web content management system which fully meets the information needs of modern enterprises:

  • End-users with basic keyboard skills can take control of their web content in an easy to use, secure and controlled fashion using in-context or form based content editing interface
  • Modern accessible cross browser compatible AJAX interface
  • Rapid roll-out of product including content importation tools
  • Technical staff enjoy the openness, scalability, flexibility and extendibility found in expensive, high-end platform based web content management systems.
  • Extensive open cross platform API (100% coverage), web 2.0 & social media modules and other features not found in other web content management systems such as eForms and enterprise content integration functionality.

Key Web Content Management System Features

Feature Rich Web Content Management Authoring by End-Users and Advanced Users using in-context or form based editing.

Navigation & Information Architecture for automated management and link quality control.

Styles & Templates ensure consistent content, standards compliant, accessible design and presentation.

Media Library for storage and categorisation of images, video, documents and sound files for reuse.

User Rights & Roles for fine grain control over user rights and roles with enterprise LDAP and active directory integration.

Workflow processes to ensure that quality control mechanisms are maintained. 

Version Control, Auditing & Rollback for greater management of content changes.

Multi Language Functionality and web content management system interface allowing you to publish information across borders by staff across the world.

Multiple Sites or Channels facilitate the publishing of content to different devices and sites.  

eForms that allow you to automate processes and procedures through an on-line environment.

Open, Versatile & Adaptable to all technical and business environments with its highly open web content management system architecture.

Web Accessibility and web standards compliance.



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Feature checklist

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager includes a wide range of Intranet, Social Media and Web 2.0 modules at no extra cost.

  • Blogging
  • Forms
  • Microsites
  • Discussions
  • Commenting
  • Polls
  • GIS/Mapping
  • Videos
  • Social Tagging
  • Personalised Portals
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