Working with you at every stage

Planning your project schedule

Your project schedule is tailored to meet your specific needs. The typical 12 step process is outlined below but this can be adjusted if you need to add sites, student portals, intranets, extranets or if your project is more or less complex or customized than normal.

Below is an indicative medium scale project timeline based on the deployment of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager; this process is followed whether you choose to work directly with TERMINALFOUR or through one of our partners.

Contact us to discuss your particular requirements and we can build a plan that suits you. 

StageDescriptionWhat happens

Stage 1  


You will meet with a member of our pre-sales team who will work with you to realize the goals and possible challenges of your project.

Technical discovery will be carried out, in consultation with you to understand all the requirements that are needed to ensure a successful project.

As soon as you sign on the dotted line, our client support team will then install your new system, TERMINALFOUR Site Manager.

Stage 2


You will be assigned a project manager, from our professional services team, who will become your day to day contact throughout the project and will work with you to schedule and track progress.

The project manager assigned will have specific knowledge and experience of the challenges you are working to solve.

Once the technical discovery has been completed, our pre-sales technical consultants brief your project manager on your project and hand over to them. This is followed by a kick-off planning meeting between you and your project manager where you will both agree a project plan.

Stage 3


Our professional services team works with you to develop the specification for the first site to be configured into the web content management system. This is where we gather the information relating to what needs to be integrated and migrated into TERMINALFOUR Site Manager. 

At this stage if you are also implementing a design change we will ensure that:

  • All HTML & CSS has been signed off
  • Accessibility/ browser tested and agreed

If this is being provided by a third party design firm this will be their handover point. We are always happy to work with other design firms throughout the process and to offer any advice that will ensure you get the most out of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager.

To enhance transparency, we then develop a clear, simple and usable document outlining all of the specifications.

Stage 4

Quality Assurance & Build

During this stage we will begin to see the results of all the planning. Our Quality Assurance team step in and carry out testing based on the test plan.

The site specification is also implemented into TERMINALFOUR Site Manager and by the end of this stage we will have a dummy site (with sample content), including any bespoke elements, ready for your review. 

Stage 5

Roll Out Webmaster / Adminstrator Training

Training is essential to ensure that you get the most out of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager. Users need to be comfortable with the system in order to ensure you get the full advantage of all its features and functionality.

Our training team will visit your administrators on site and provide training on all aspects of the process from build, to templates, to styles and publishing.

The training team arm your administrators with all the knowledge and practical skills that they need to drive your online strategy. At this stage knowledge transfer begins to make sure you have full ownership of what has been specified for you.

Stage 6

UAT Test & Bug Fixing

This stage involves reviewing the full range of work to-date. We will liaise with you to review the work that has been done, begin quality control, track any issues and make edits to specifications if needed. The goal is to ensure that you are happy with how the project is progressing and that the output meets your needs and expectations. 

Stage 7   

Content migration

This is the stage where it begins to get very real. It’s up to you how involved you want us to be. Many of our clients request that we orchestrate their content migration while others prefer their site administrators to take the lead on data migration.

Content migration is potentially the task that can influence your timelines the most as quality, quantity and ability to auto migrate will dictate.

For more on migration options check out the Migration Options page.

Stage 8   

Rollout Content author training

As we get closer to the go-live date, our training team will once again be available to provide training for all your content authors. This training is for any users who will need to create, edit or upload content.

It’s possible to use a train-the-trainer model here, where members of your team are trained and they in turn become the trainers for other authors as they come online.

We can also train all users onsite. You can train as many users as needed. For more on training options check out the Training section.

Stage 9

Pre-Go Live 

This phase will get your websites as close to going live as possible. The final site implementation guide will be delivered as a result of this phase.

Stage 10   



The project manager will ensure that your project support and client support team are available for Go Live date. This will ensure that if there any issues or concerns they can be dealt with swiftly. 

Stage 11   

Project Close-out


Our success is down to the fact that we appreciate and support our clients. We’re a professional organization that puts client success first, and that means continued support. In every way, our client support team will be available to ensure your installation of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager and any applications are continuously supported. 

If you have further phases or would like us to get involved in other areas of your project these would kick-off at this stage.


Stage 12   

Ongoing support   

A successful digital engagement and web content management project means ongoing support and dedication. In every way, our client support team will be available to ensure your installation of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager and any applications are continutally supported. 

If you have further phases or would like us to give advice or get involved in other areas of your project these can kick off at this stage. 

TERMINALFOUR set out a clear process, tweaked it to meet our needs... and then followed it, doing what they said they would, when they said they would, efficiently and effectively.