Safeguarding your content

Migrating Content

We've migrated lots of content from existing websites to TERMINALFOUR Site Manager, and we have lots of experience making this process quicker and easier! Determining the degree of automation that can be applied to your content would of course require analysis of your current system and content. In our experience, typically 80% of content can be automatically migrated, provided it is in a structured format.

Typically, if the existing content is formatted and structured in a consistent way (HTML, database or an existing CMS), our Importation functionality can be used to rapidly migrate content into TERMINALFOUR Site Manager. If not, some manual work - cutting, pasting, re-writing, tweaking and testing - may be required.

Automated Migration

Do you currently use any of these CMS systems? If so we can migrate automatically from your system, using out-of-the-box functionality (this functionality is configured based on your specific setup).

  • Open Text / Reddot Version 5+
  • Serena Collage
  • Ellusian LCMS (previously SunGard HE LCMS)
  • Ektron
  • OmniUpdate
  • Alterian / Immediacy
  • Microsoft CMS
  • Ironpoint CMS / Active Network Web Content Management
  • Vignette
  • Percussion

Your current system not on the list? Don’t worry. Our HTML/XML and database importation feature can be configured to import from other web content management systems.

Our Migration Approach

Our approach to migration usually proceeds as follows:

1.       We inventory your content: qualitative and quantitative analysis of the content, including web page rendering

2.       We define the new content structure

3.       Prototyping: We integrate a representative sample of your content, to test and refine the procedures

4.       We spec and develop the migration tool: mapping current content to future structure

5.       Testing: we migrate sample content and quality assure the procedure

6.       We migrate all of your existing content  

7.       We quality assure the migrated content

Migrating 400,000 pages of English, Russian, French and Spanish content from our old WCM was a significant challenge...or so we thought. TERMINALFOUR's migration team developed and implemented a content migration strategy to automate the process. This solution enabled us to significantly scale content on the website and to introduce more language options over time.