• Universities & Colleges Helping you recruit/retain top students by maximizing the effectiveness of your digital engagement strategies. Learn more (PDF)
  • Community Colleges Supporting recruitment/retention initiatives that enhance online interaction with students and prospects.
  • School Districts Delivering a shared communication and online collaboration resource for all schools within a district.

Our community from around the world.

Teachers College, Columbia University

Teachers College, Columbia University has more than 5,300 students and is at the forefront of research and practice in both teaching and leadership. The platform will become the underlying web technology for the college’s approximately 300 academic, administrative, faculty and research websites.

Teachers College

University of East London

Our digital engagement platform supports UEL’s international recruitment drive (across 120 countries), encourage student retention and facilitates the promotion of its extensive research (Top 6 research universities in the UK) across all their online channels.   


RMIT University

RMIT engaged with TERMINALFOUR to support their web transformation program influenced by their broader strategic direction.  This includes recruitment and retention activities, reinforcing the brand online and positively representing the university to a global audience.


SUNY Empire State College

Enabling SUNY Empire State College to create a personalized web and mobile experience for students and prospective students worldwide. They can use the content in student portals, websites and Intranets in a smarter way across the College's thirty-five US and six international locations.  

Empire State College Logo

Anchorage School District

Our solution works as a shared resource for a disparate and physically diverse community of schools enabling Anchorage School District to foster greater online collaboration across 100 schools, 6,000 active employees and almost 48,000 students. 

Anchorage School District Logo

Touro College

The technological driving force behind the promotion of research and recruitment for America’s biggest private institution of higher education that consists of 75,000 alumni and 19,000 students spread over 25 campuses and 5 countries. 

Touro College Logo

Virginia Commonwealth University

Our digital engagement and web content management platform is allowing VCU to bring consistency to how its brand is represented across 573 unique websites while still allowing the content author to retain autonomy and deliver personalized content. 


Rhodes University

Rhodes University is a jewel in South Africa’s higher education crown.  To continue to attract a global student base and improve stakeholder communication online, it replaced a bespoke CMS with TERMINALFOUR’s digital engagement and WCMS platform.


We needed a web content management company that understood and shared our vision. We found a lot of vendors had taken their eyes off the ball when it came to keeping their products modern and flexible but TERMINALFOUR were ahead of the curve. TERMINALFOUR’s software is both simple to use and incredibly powerful.

Paul Acquaro Teachers College, Columbia University

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